ECS 210- Learning From Place

In this paper, we explore reinhabitation and decolonization through the journey of the  Mushkegowuk Cree people. The students go on a 10 day river trip where they learn ways to connect and learn from the land, by the stories told by elders. With the help of a varying age group, here are some of the... Continue Reading →


ECS 210- What is a “Good” Student?

The article “Preparing Teachers For Crisis: A Sample Lesson” focuses on how people separate students into categories of “good” or “bad”. This judgment is based off of the commonsense students are expected to go into the class with. Relating this text to Katia and Mike’s lecture, commonsense is one of the biggest problems that affect... Continue Reading →

ECS 210- Place-based Learning

     Throughout this course, we have covered many things I have found interest in. Originally, I wanted to touch on a topic that I was familiar with. As I began looking at articles about hidden curriculum, I decided that I would benefit more if I chose a  topic that was unfamiliar to me. With... Continue Reading →

ECS 210- Smith

     The curriculum theory 'curriculum as a body of knowledge to be transmitted' also referred to as ‘the canon’, explains that the curriculum and the syllabus is seen as equivalent by many people. It goes on to say that it is very heavy on focusing how to transmit the knowledge in the most effective... Continue Reading →

ECS 210- Kumashiro

     In the text, Kumashiro gives a few examples and definitions as to what common sense is and the impact it has on our daily lives. In general, Kumashiro explains that common sense is what is considered ‘normal’ to a society or group of people. On the first page of the excerpt, the author... Continue Reading →

Why is This Normal?

i) As a society we are all expected to follow a set of “rules” that are set in place based off our birth gender. If we are born female, we must act feminine. If we are born male, we must act masculine. In today’s world talking about gender is beginning to have less of a... Continue Reading →

Why Am I At The Back?

During the privilege walk I was able to connect with some of my classmates. Although we didn’t really speak about what we had just experienced, we were looking at one another with a different kind of understanding and respect for one another. I could relate to a lot of what my peers had experienced and... Continue Reading →

I’d Rather Be Wearing Cleats

    As a little girl my mother dreamed about putting me into dance. She pictured me wearing a pink frilly tutu with my hair in a bun dancing gracefully. Unfortunately for her, I don’t like tutu’s nor do I have grace. I was always captivated by football. I watched my favorite teams weekly, and stayed up... Continue Reading →

Nature vs.Nurture: Racism?

Growing up I was very fortunate that I was able to live in such an accepting household and that I attended the most diverse school in Moose Jaw. My elementary school took great pride in all of the students and often boasted about how diverse we were. My school had children from around the world... Continue Reading →

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