Sportsball and Hometime

On July 21st, 2018 I discovered what it feels like to truly feel at home. To me, home is something to be proud of and a place where you can be yourself. Now you’re probably thinking “Whoa Allison, this is about to be totally super emotional and inspiring” and guess what? It totally will be inspirational and a real tear jerker. Now prepare yourself.

When I stepped out onto the freshly cut grass, I could feel my heart begin to pound and the adrenaline pump through my body. Dressed in red and white, the whistle goes and the game begins. The entire team was beaming with pride and each shot we took was for Canada. I have never played so passionately in my entire life; all we wanted was to prove that Canada was a contender. Once the first point was scored there was a sigh of relief from the Canadian side and the intensity was boosted. After the final whistle our team burst into tears because all of the training finally paid off. We were the underdogs, our stats were low and there was no way we should’ve won. To hear the announcer award us the gold my entire team was on cloud nine. This has been my greatest accomplishment to date and by far my most memorable experience.

Soccer has been a huge part of my life because it has been a way I could express myself and be active. As cheesy as it sounds, putting on my cleats and kicking the ball around is my getaway. The field is my home because I can be myself and express my feelings. If I’m mad I can shoot the ball with power, if I’m feeling good I can juggle, If I’m sad I can focus on my technique. I’ve been able to do so many great things playing soccer and meet so many great people. I have put blood, sweat (an abundance, trust me) and tears into the game since I was three. My home has been the place where I broke my bones, got concussions and completely destroyed my knees but all in all I wouldn’t change it for the world. While participating in USA Cup, I was able to see the way countries interacted with one another and was able to see firsthand the level of respect Canadians have. I have always been a super over the top Canadian because I genuinely have so much love for this country. Throughout my journeys of playing the sport I love and exploring the world, I am beyond proud to call Canada my home.image


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