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ECS 210- Kumashiro Chapter 7

Growing up, I attended a very culturally diverse school in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan. Unlike many of my peers, I had been exposed to what racism is and how to combat it at a very young age. In my eyes my teachers were extremely proactive in obtaining literature that was from different perspectives and we often had discussions about each text. I can remember reading a different novel each month or so, that touched on a different part of the world from grade 5 onwards. Where they culturally appropriate? I was not sure, but I do remember being excited to learn about it, to say the least. I am very proud of the growth and awareness I had learned while attending this school. Although this experience was an excellent base for my lense, when I attended highschool this all got flipped around. 

High School was quite a culture shock for me. I went from a culturally inclusive school to a predominantly white school. This is where I think my biases had changed. My reading literature was almost always Shakesphere, and the other novel choices were also eurocentric perspectives.  We learned about what life was like as a white male in Europe and never really addressed anything else. The voices of other cultures were nonexistent, and even the viewpoint of a white female was lacking. 

For me, I struggle to identify the biases that I can bring into the classroom. I do not think that I am educated with all of the knowledge I need to know in order to teach a class tomorrow on different perspectives. I think that my own experience was able to give me an excellent head start to the improvement of curriculum and teaching. I am working against my negative biases by learning how to identify them. I want to learn why these biases are harmful, and I want to learn how I can change these biases to create an inclusive classroom.


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  1. I think its really interesting that you were able to experience a culturally inclusive school and a more closed off type of setting. I think it would have been really interesting for someone to see how an inclusive school runs vs a school that is mainly white. I really enjoyed reading this blog post. Thank you for sharing.

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  2. I was quite surprised to hear how culturally diverse the books were that you guys read in elementary school! It’s awesome that you guys were able to hear from so many perspectives.

    I feel confident in saying that many of us are in the same boat in terms of being prepared to teach different perspectives in the classroom. It’s something we will all stumble through in our careers. Thanks for your openness!


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