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ECS 210- Levin’s Article

     In Levin’s article, he begins by discussing how politics play a major part in creating the curricula. In Levin’s article we learn that the voice students have in the creation of curricula is next to non-existent. The public, parents and politicians get the most voice in what goes into curricula. This is something that I have never really given much thought to simply because I have never really questioned curriculum until I had begun this class. Personally, this inferiates me, because I feel like students should get very involved in this process. Something that stood out to me the most was how much politics influence what is covered in the curricula, because I didn’t think of the gain they could get from developing curricula. Whether we like it or not, politics are immersed in every aspect of our lives. In the education world, curriculum and politics work hand in hand. 

     Canada’s history and relationship with the Indigenous communities has changed and evolved over time. In the past, Canadians had often made an effort to hide the fact the history of assimilation and the cultural genocide that almost occured. Fortunately, in the present times media has helped gained the attention of the public and change is being made. I think that this attention has put pressure on the government to implement more Treaty Education. This could cause tension between Indigenous communities and the government because they must implement this in a respectful and sensitive matter. I am extremely happy that Saskatchewan has made this movement, although I fear that more false information about Indigenous families can be spread on a much higher level. I acknowledge the effort that Saskatchewan is putting in, but I hope that all of the other provinces will do the same. 



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