ECS 210- Place-based Learning

     Throughout this course, we have covered many things I have found interest in. Originally, I wanted to touch on a topic that I was familiar with. As I began looking at articles about hidden curriculum, I decided that I would benefit more if I chose a  topic that was unfamiliar to me. With this being said, I chose to research the topic “place-based curriculum”. To give a short summary, the goal behind place-based curriculum is to strengthen connections children have to many aspects of the world. From my understanding, this topic supports and encourages children to experiment and learn in a very hands on way. I found an online book called What is Place-based Learning and Why Does it Matter? and found some pretty useful information and quotes. A quote that stood out to me was “Place-Based Education is anytime, anywhere learning that leverages the power of place, and not just the power of technology, to personalize learning.” because it stresses the benefits about this method. Although this method isn’t necessarily new, I find it interesting learning  about the evolution of this type of curriculum.

     My next steps in this paper is to read more articles and maybe find a documentary about this topic.So far, I have chosen 3 articles that I really enjoy, but they have a lot of the same arguments. In my paper I would like to shed light on what the benefits are, explore how it could be fully introduced into the classroom and maybe write about how there is parts already in the classroom. I would also like to see/discuss the possible disadvantages of having a classroom fully submerged in this type of curriculum. 

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