ECS 210- Treaty Education

It’s very upsetting to me that some people (especially educators) have the idea that Treaty Education isn’t an important topic people should be learning. It is a monumental piece in Canada’s history, that has shaped the evolution of our society. Without treaty education in the classroom, it can encourage negative views on the FNMI communities. It is crucial that it is taught to every individual, regardless of their cultural heritage. Treaty education is not meant to put down people of settler backgrounds. It is to acknowledge the mistakes that have been made, to encourage healing, and to encourage growth in our society.

The purpose of incorporating treaty education into all aspects of the curriculum is a fight people are still fighting for. The main goal is to provide perspective so people can understand why things are the way they are. Treaty education helps connect today’s society/issues to the history of our country. Without teaching this perspective racism thrives as many people must rely on stereotypes. As our society strives to become inclusive and modern, we must address the flawed history head on. We must teach our future generations the mistakes we have made in order to avoid making more in the future.

I think that when we acknowledge that “We are all treaty people” it breaks down the wall between the FNMI people and the rest of the population. I truly believe that incorporating these beliefs into the curriculum is a huge step forward, because it actually forms a bridge between settler views and FNMI views. This way of curriculum helps show our youth that we are all unified and together. Curriculum is supposed to help better the future generations, and in Canada, treaty education is a crucial part of doing so.

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